Back to the Eighties

The program is an entertaining review of our recent past or, as we see it, our most distant present, as in the eighties Spain began to be what it is today.

Each programme responds to a thematic approach: football, film, humor, daily life, family, education, music…The protagonists of those years in which Spain transformed itself from dictatorship into democracy recall the decade. Over one hundred and fifty people from all areas of politics, art, culture, sport and journalism were interviewed for the first season an more thans two thousand tapes of footage material from public TVE archive were reviewed.



Number of Chapters,95 X 50′

Broadcast, Televisión Española (2014)

Production, Grupo Ganga Producciones & TVE

Genres, Entertainment

2017 Premio Ondas al mejor programa de actualidad o cobertura especial

2015 Premio del Jurado de la Crítica, Festval de Vitoria al mejor programa de Entretenimiento 2015 por ofrecer “una panorámica entretenida y rigurosa de una década crucial

2015 Premio Iris de la Academia de Televisión al Mejor Programa Documental

2014 Premios Ondas Internacional Mención especial del Jurado


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