Central Operational Unit

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“Central Operational Unit” is a television series offering a realistic portrayal of an elite unit of Spanish paramilitary Civil Gard: the “Unidad Central Operativa”.

In real life, the C.O.U is a unit which operates throughout Spain dealing with a range of crimes including drug trafficking, fraud, corruption and, of course, violent crime. Some of its agents have been involved in some of the most publicised criminal cases in recent years.

The U.C.O. employs the most advanced investigation techniques, often working with police departments or foreign intelligence services. Although the series is based on the work and cases of the unit, all the plots have been modified to avoid any coincidence with real cases.

The main character of the series is Captain Bruno Sierra, who is known to audiences through his participation in the case “Patricia Marcos: Disappeared”. Captain Sierra- played by Miguel Angel Solá- is not well received in his new post when he joins as chief the department of Crimes Against the Person .His reputation as a lone wolf, and his particular manner in dealing with cases and discipline in the unit, brings him into conflict with his superiors and other agents within the unit.

As always with productions from Grupo Ganga, this series is appropriate for all viewers, offering both drama and humour, portraying the interrelationships of a complex group of characters.

The cast of the series accompanying Miguel Angel Solá includes the actors Sancho Gracia, Ana Torrent, Juan Ribó, Esther Ortega, Alfonso Bassavé, Eleazar Ortiz, Celia Pastor and Pastora Vega, among others.

Seasons, 1

Number of Chapters,  13×70′

Broadcast, Televisión Española (2009)

Production, Grupo Ganga Producciones


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