Cooking with José Andrés

A recipe, a friend, a market. These constitute the basis for “Cooking with José Andrés”, a cooking program hosted by José Andrés, one of the most internationally recognised Spanish chefs.

A disciple of Ferran Adriá, José Andrés was one of the pioneers of current Spanish cuisine on the other side of the Atlantic, introducing Tapas, a basic element in the gastronomic culture of Spain, to millions of Americans.

The program was very popular during its broadcast on TVE1. Its colloquial language, its informal and personal style, as well as José Andrés’ talent for presenting sophisticated dishes in a simple way were the keys to its great success.
In each episode, José Andrés takes us on a visit to the best markets explaining how to reproduce his culinary creations.


Seasons, 1

Number of Chapters, 243 X 40′ (2006)

Broadcast, Televisión Española (2006)

Genres, Entertainment


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