Haiti Under Construction

The January 12, 2010 at 16.53 pm an earthquake hit Haiti leaving 3 million affected, 1.5 million people homeless and 300,000 injured. Spain was the third country by volume of donations to the Haiti emergency and UNICEF Spain raised more than 10 million euros thanks to contributions from 98,000 individual and companies.

Ana Duato, Goodwill Ambassador for Unicef, traveled twice to the island and was with children in their schools, families in camps for displaced persons, children living centers in hospitals. Their contact with each of these people and the reality of the country, this documentary starts, which aims to keep in memory the situation of the Haitian people, their resilience and show future possibilities when working on behalf of children and to defend their rights.


Number of Chapters, 1 X 55′ (2010)

Broadcast, Televisión Española (2011)

Production, Grupo Ganga Producciones\, UNICEF y AECID

Distribution, UNICEF

Genres, Documentary


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