Inhibidos is a juvenile interactive transmedia 7-episode thriller (the first one is a double episode) about the nightmare experienced by five young friends when they decide to spend an easy-going weekend in the countryside. What is supposed to be an opportunity to bump into old friends becomes a nightmare when they find out they can’t leave the cabin in which they are staying. Without mobiles, water or food, their relationship turns unstable and their hidden personalities disclose, sometimes disturbing but tender as well.

Inteactivity allows users to decide at some points of the action whether they want to watch simultaneous scenes or go back to see other point of view in the same scene.

In order to enjoy the highest level of interactivity and customization, users can choose to enter their mobile phone number so they can receive calls and messages while watching an episode. Every week, the audience finds out through transmedia elements the storyline in more detail, focusing on the lifes and relationships between characters as well as other exclusive contents.

Production’s year

8 X12´

Televisión Española, 2017

Grupo Ganga Producciones / TVE/ The Summer Company

Interactive digital series


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