Lust for life

Lust for Life” consists of five stories of personal triumph. Based on true stories of everyday heroes, showing the bravery of ordinary people in their fight to overcome adversity.

Each of the films in the series offers a portrait of the struggles of its protagonists to overcome different types of illnesses. In “The Player”, the main character, Carlos, overcomes his gambling addiction with the help of his family, after dragging his loved ones to financial ruin. One of the characters suffering from cancer in “Invisible Women” recovers her self-esteem and love of life thanks to the support of her fellow patients in therapy after the trauma of being abandoned by her husband. The rest of the series consists of “The Four Lives of Carlos”, dealing with the issue of transplants; “The Lost Years”, reflecting the drama of alcoholism and “Learning to Live” which describes the struggle to overcome anorexia.

Number of Chapters, 5 X 70′ (2006)

Broadcast, Televisión Española (2007)

Production, Grupo Ganga Producciones & TVE

Genres, Fiction TV movie


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