Niger, the silent emergency

This documentary portrays the experiences of the actors Imanol Arias and Ana Duato during their visit to UNICEF projects in Niger.

The actors – UN Good Will Ambassadors since the year 2000- give a first-hand account of their impressions of the country and introduce the viewer to the work of UNICEF relief workers.

Going beyond the vision of an expert in international cooperation and the statistics, the personal narration of these two ambassadors offers a unique vision of the daily realities of Nigerien children. The documentary tells the story of various projects sponsored by UNICEF to provide clean drinking water, for child nutrition or the fight against the spread of AIDS.

The documentary has been broadcast on several occasions on TVE1 and by other channels and by institutions to support of the work of the Spanish UNICEF Committee.


Number of Chapters, 1 X 60′ (2006)

Broadcast, Televisión Española (207)

Production, Grupo Ganga Producciones & UNICEF

Distribution, UNICEF

Genres, Documentary


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