Women whose lives went down the wrong path. Women confined inside grey walls, silent and numbed. Women that can’t see their children grow up.  Judged and condemned, moving through the thin line between victimhood and guilt.

Thirty years ago, Elena Cánovas, correction officer and newly graduated in acting direction by RESAD, took the challenge of introducing theater within the walls of Yeserías, a former women’s prison, by creating the theater group “Teatro Yeses” made up of inmates.

Inside those secretive walls, on an improvised stage, handcuffs are opened to free hands either for writing, raise curtains made of sheets, sew a wardrobe or make up characters that gives them the opportunity of dreaming, going outside or even traveling to other countries.

Elena is their guide. Music sounds and they start acting. Texts and new gestures relieve them from confinement. The walls aren’t too grey or rigid anymore, and they are allowed to imagine that other world is still possible for them.

Title: “Yeses”.
Direction: Miguel Forneiro
Nationality: Spanish
Genre: documentary
Language: Spanish
Production companies: El Espontáneo / Grupo Ganga
Executive producer: Miguel Forneiro / Javier Cuadrado
Direction assistant: Marga Arias
Editing: Raquel Marraco / José Luis Picado
Direct sound: Antonio Carreres
Sound mixing: Salvador López
Photography: Miguel Forneiro
BSO: Fernando Cuello
Color: Helena Humanes
Subtitles: English and French
Copyright: original script
Format: digital

Qualified as Suitable for all audiences and specially recomendad for the encouragement of gender equality by the Ministry of Culture of Spain

Selected in 2019 Beloit International Film Festival

2019 Espiello Prize International Ethnographic Film Festival of Sobarbre


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